Sistemi Laser

LTA - Laser Thermal Ablation

Thermoablation by laser light is an effective therapeutic indication where conventional 
pharmacological and surgical elective ones present evident clinical / operational limits / risks.


Head/Neck Surgery                                                                                              Chirurgia Senologica
Normofunctional and hyperactive thyroid nodularity                                                           Senological surgery
Lymph nodes

Thoracic surgery                                                                                                  Chirurgia Addominale
Pulmonary nodularity                                                                                                            Nodularità epatiche e pancreatiche

Urological surgery                                Neurosurgery                                        Interventional endoscopy
          BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)             Benign meningioma nodularity                      Injuries to the bronchial tree


  • Minimally invasive method
  • Simple and easy to learn method
  • Predictable and well-controlled therapy
  • Well tolerable therapy and with low risk margins
  • Conscious and local sedation
  • Short hospitalization
  • Minimal cosmetic impact (no scar)
  • Absence of major complications
  • Excellent socio-economic impact

LASEmaR 1064R

LASEmaR® 1064-R for an in-depth use, is the ideal laser for wide-ranging selective surgery and high power medical therapy.

Its wavelength (1064 nm) has an advantage in surgery: A high haemoglobin absorption, to achieve burn-free coagulation and excellent haemostasis.


General Surgery              High-power medical therapy           Ophthalmology

Laser CO2 multifunzionale

Laser adatto per trattamenti gindcologici, estetici e chirurgici


- VRL (Ringiovanimento vaginale laser)

- Incontinenza urinaria

- Chirurgia ginecologica

- Medicina estetica

Laser Q-Switched 532 e 1064nm

Il sistema sfrutta il principio fototermolisi selettiva ad impulso ultra-rapido (Q-Switched)


- Trattamento lesioni cutanee pigmentate           - Pigmentazione traumatica

- Iperpigmentazione                                             - Melanosi

- Melasma                                                            - Discromie cutanee

- Nevi ipercromici benigni                                    - Resulfacing non ablativo del viso

- Efelidi                                                                 - Rimozione tatuaggi